James Ussher on God’s Love

Excerpts from James Ussher’s Body of Divinity (London: 1658), 64-67. A modern reprint is available from Solid Ground Books. What is the Love of God? It is an Essential Property in God, [...]

The Unity of the Bible

This is an excerpt from Nehemiah Coxe’s A Discourse of the Covenants, first published in 1681, and reprinted as the first part of Covenant Theology: From Adam to Christ (Palmdale: Reformed [...]

Carl Trueman on John Owen

Carl Trueman has done some really great work on John Owen, and it is available to us in several forms, including two books, articles, and lectures. Steve Clevenger posted on the Reformed Baptist [...]

Ministers Should Aim at Divine Approval

This short article appeared in the January, 1810 edition of the Baptist Magazine, page 20. In a small circle of ministers, a question was recently discussed, relative to the evidences of divine [...]

Three Helps to Endure in the Hour of Temptation

Here we reprint a brief piece from our Particular Baptist Heritage–perhaps it has never been reprinted before. It was written by Abraham Cheare (1626-1668), who was the pastor of the [...]

Qualifications of a Gospel Minister

This 1807 Circular Letter of the Philadelphia Baptist Association, written by William Staughton, is an excellent answer to the question “What are the qualifications of a Gospel Minister?” Though [...]

Institution for Improving the Education of Pious Young Men, Called to the Christian Ministry

This very interesting piece is from the Fourth Annual report of the American Baptist Board of Foreign Missions (Triennial Convention) printed in The Latter Day Luminary, May 1818, Vol. I. No. 3 [...]

Isaac Watts: The law and gospel distinguished

This is a little known but beautiful hymn by Isaac Watts. The law and gospel distinguished. 1 The law commands, and makes us know What duties to our God we owe; But ’tis the gospel must [...]

Abuse of Authority in the Church

Authoritarian Shepherds and Idol-Worshipping Sheep Pastor Steven Martin I. THE PROBLEM: Troubled Times and Reactionary Leadership Modern churches are over-reacting to sinful patterns in our [...]

From Luther on Galatians

I warn each one of you, and especially such as are to be directors of the conscience, that you exercise yourselves in study, reading, meditation and prayer, so as you may be able to instruct and [...]

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