November 2016

Communion with Christ (Part 1)
From John Owen's Communion with God 2.146-152 Owen is asserting that the saints are to...
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New Testament Reasons for the Observance of the Lord’s Day
This brief anonymous article was published 187 years ago today in the early American Baptist...
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Hosanna to the Son of David!
1st London Confession of Faith: X. Touching His office, Jesus Christ onely is made the...
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Confessionalism at its Best
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John Owen expresses here the essence of confessionalism. As Confessional Reformed Baptists, his comments summarize...
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On the Power of God
“On the Power of God” is taken from the April 1810 issue of the Baptist...
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Calvin on God’s Nature and His Condescension in Revealing Himself to Us
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From Institutes I.13.1 God's nature is immeasurable and spiritual The doctrine of Scripture concerning the...
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Are ‘Consequences’ sufficient to prove infant baptism?
From Benjamin Keach: Gold Refin'd, or Baptism in its Primitive Purity (London: 1689), 69-70, 146...
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