The Christian Apologist

From the Baptist Magazine, 1810 The Christian Apologist That the Christian is not called to a human tribunal in the present day on account of his attachment to Christ should excite his gratitude [...]

The Confession on Associations

The Confession on Associations There may be some who read the words of our last post, and have no difficulty accepting what has been written, but who argue that this type of oneness is [...]

A Christian Minister’s Soliloquy

A Christian Minister’s Soliloquy In his way to the Sanctuary This moving article was perhaps written by the young pastor Josiah Wilkinson who was called to serve the Baptist Church in Saffron [...]

Confessional Subscription: A Test Case (Part 1)

Confessional Subscription: A Test Case by Prof. Renihan It is beneficial to demonstrate the nature of confessional subscription by examining our Confession’s doctrine of associations. This [...]

Christ’s Covenantal Blessing

This excerpt from a study done by Chuck Rennie in 2008 is still useful today. The Christology of the Benediction – Part IV by Chuck Rennie All of the Scriptural benedictions which fall into [...]

Subscription Applied

The Application of Confessional Subscription: Full Subscription by Prof. Renihan In the light of Scripture, history and sound reason, full subscription seems the best course for churches and [...]

The Scriptures and Confessions

By Prof. Renihan The Scriptures and Confessions The Word of God has much to teach us about confessions and the act of confessing.

Confessional Subscription

Submitted by Prof. Renihan The Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies is a Confessional school, seeking to represent a Confessional Association–the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches [...]

On the Wisdom of God

“On the Wisdom of God” is taken from the June 1810 issue of the Baptist Magazine, page 338. Though the language is somewhat antique, this wonderful statement of orthodox theology from an early [...]

A Ministry of Benediction

This excerpt from a study done by Chuck Rennie in 2008 is still useful today. A Ministry of Benediction – Part III by Chuck Rennie It is true and it must be affirmed that it is God, through [...]

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