The Revelation of the Inscrutable God

John Owen on the Glory of Christ: Chapter 5 parts 1-4 THE PERSON OF CHRIST THE GREAT REPRESENTATIVE OF GOD AND HIS WILL What may be known of God, is, – his nature and existence, with the [...]

The Old Faith

From Miles Coverdale’s translation of Bullinger The Old Faith 81-83. Published in England around 1547. (The first 11 chapters are essentially a Biblical Theology, demonstrating the [...]

First President of IRBS Theological Seminary Appointed

Presidential Appointment: Rev. Fred Pugh, Chair of the Trustees of the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies has released the following statement: The Trustees of the Institute of Reformed [...]

William Knibb on Slavery

William Knibb on Slavery The English were pushing the Americans on the subject of slavery because they had abolished slavery and finally granted full freedom by 1838. It was the English Baptists [...]

Daniel Dyke, M.A., Particular Baptist

One of the luminaries of the early Particular Baptist leadership was Daniel Dyke, M.A. From an important and well-known family of puritan ministers (at least one of his uncle’s books is [...]

Three Puritans on Preaching: The Early Church, the Middle Age, and Their Age

God hath seemed to have reserved it for a great blessing to the last age of the world that, for aught appears to us from any books, it hath been more fertile of such preaching than any since that [...]

Puritan Living Conditions: Would You Like to Live Here?

Submitted by Prof. Renihan from CH 610 Puritanism in Context lecture notes What was life like during the 16th and 17th centuries? Depends on who you are: Male or Female; City, Town, Village, [...]

Church Planting in Early Baptist History (Part 3)

Church Planting in Early Baptist History (Part 3) Submitted by Prof. Renihan The impetus for these actions was theological, embedded in the general Confessions published by the churches. 

The Character of an Old English Puritan

Submitted by Prof. Renihan Many years ago, my brother, IRBS Fellow Dr. Mike Renihan, posted John Geree’s The Character of an Old English Puritan, or Non-Conformist on his website. For your [...]

God Loves His Elect

Submitted by Prof. Renihan Years ago I endured (I don’t know a better verb to use) a discourse (it wasn’t a sermon) in a chapel service I attended while far from home. The speaker [...]

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