Daniel Neal’s Summary of Bradshaw’s “English Puritanisme “

From Daniel Neal’s History of the Puritans, I:432 ff. (NB: The ‘Ex Officio’ oath required men to answer all questions directed toward them when under examination, forcing [...]

A Saint Goes Home: Account of Henry Jessey’s Death

The accounts of the deaths of God’s people have always been moving. Here we learn how this good man, Henry Jessey, faced the last enemy. May God help us to imitate his faith. On Nov. 27, [...]

The New Covenant and the Spread of the Gospel

From Owen, Vol 10 Continued: 2. A second thing to be considered is, the economy or administration of the new covenant in the times of the gospel, with the amplitude and enlargement of the kingdom [...]

Definite Atonement and the Spread of the Gospel

One of the most frequent objections to the doctrine of definite atonement as made by its opponents, is that this doctrine by its very nature undermines the proclamation of the gospel. Those who [...]

Isaiah’s Experience of the Numinous

In 1917, theologian Rudolf Otto coined the term ‘numinous’ to express an individual’s encounter with something ‘wholly other’, something beyond himself and even [...]

Thomas Hardcastle of Broadmead, Bristol

One of the most interesting and valuable records of the 17th century is the published manuscript of Edward Terrill, who recorded the history of the Broadmead, Bristol Particular Baptist Church. [...]

John Owen’s Epitaph

The greatest puritan, John Owen, is buried in Bunhill Fields Burial Ground in London. His epitaph is in Latin; here is an English translation. The reference in the final sentence is to 24 [...]

Pactum Salutis, Historia Salutis, Ordo Salutis and the Ministry

I would like to place the ministry within a theological context. I am convinced that we must view all of life theologically, and must seek to bring all of our thoughts captive to Christ and his [...]

Thanksgiving in the Church

From the Directory for Public Worship Concerning the Observation of Days of Publick Thanksgiving. WHEN any such day is to be kept, let notice be given of it, and of the occasion thereof, some [...]

Henry Jessey Becomes a Baptist

Jessey’s search for truth led him to examine the Scriptures closely, and accept the doctrine of Believer’s Baptism. Here is the story of that change of mind. We may be thankful for [...]

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