Frequently Asked Symbolics Questions: Private Spirits

Over the years, I have taught Symbolics in many places. Without fail, my students are bright and interested and ask me very useful and thought provoking questions. In a few posts over the next [...]

How Much Does Your Church Give?

How much does your church give? James M. Renihan The churches of our Association are very generous in their support for Gospel work. Whether it is foreign missions, special projects, or the [...]

IRBSTS Tuition Rates

The following are the tuition rates and some program information for IRBS Theological Seminary: $250.00 Tuition cost per credit hour $200.00 Tuition cost per credit hour for students who meet one [...]

Puritan Patristics: Archetypal Heresy

2. Archetypal error: the great heresies. We must consider the other side of this coin. Not only did the Puritans employ the writings of the Fathers as an aid in support of their orthodoxy, so [...]

Puritan Patristics: Archetypal Theology

Let’s consider two key points. The study of the writings of their predecessors were important for two reasons—it established right and wrong doctrine and practice: 1. Archetypal theology and [...]

IRBS Theological Seminary Phones are Up and Running

Another step has been completed in establishing the seminary: our phone line is up and running! Here it is: (682) 400-4926 For future reference, this phone number can also be found on the bottom [...]

Puritan Patristics: Historical Continuity

Puritan Patristics A statement cited by Alister McGrath may serve as an entrée to our study. While not a puritan, the great Anglican Lancelot Andrewes (1555-1626; a chief translator of the AV [...]

The Puritans and the Past

Over the next few days, I will publish some material from my Puritanism in Context lecture notes. In developing the class, it seemed important to spend some time considering how the Puritan [...]

A Different Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood

Many years ago, I visited the town of Barnard Castle in Northern England. Little did I know that it had once been the site of such a careful ministry. This is from The Nonconformist’s [...]

John Gill on the Theological Terminology

From John Gill’s commentary on 2 Timothy 1:13, considering the “pattern of sound words.” Such “words” are well preserved in confessions! Indeed, when words have long [...]

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