Additional Programs

Certificate of Reformed Baptist Studies Program

The Certificate of Reformed Baptist Studies Program is a 16-hour program designed to supplement previous ministerial studies. This program is intended for continuing education of Pastors and theological students to gain understanding of Historical Reformed Baptist Doctrine.

Certificate Courses
PT 500 Theology of Ministry
AP 501 Intro to Philosophical Theology
ST 501 Symbolics I
ST 502 Symbolics II
CH 701 Modern Church (Baptist History)

Special/Visiting Student (For Credit)

The Special/Visiting Student program is designed for students who do not intend to pursue a degree but would like to take courses for credit. Students may take up to 20 credits in this program. With the approval of the Academic Dean a student who meets all other admissions criteria may transfer into one of our degree programs. The Special/Visiting Student program is not intended to serve as preparation for Gospel ministry.

Diploma Program (No Credit)

The Diploma program is a 110-hour non-degree program designed to be completed residentially in a minimum of 3 years. Exegetical, Systematic, Historical, Practical, and Language courses are emphasized. This non-degree program is intended to provide students an opportunity to study at IRBS Theological Seminary who have not yet earned an accredited Bachelor’s degree. Students who are accepted into this program will pay the standard tuition rate and fees and participate in class as any other student would, with regard to assignments and examinations. This program is not a degree granting program but a diploma will be conferred to the student upon completion of the program. Credits will not be transferred to other institutions.

Degree Programs
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