Henry Dunster, First President of Harvard College

Among the fascinating people of colonial American Baptist history, Henry Dunster must rank right at the top. A graduate of Cambridge University and an orthodox puritan divine, Dunster was chosen, [...]

How Much Does Your Church Give?

How much does your church give? James M. Renihan The churches of our Association are very generous in their support for Gospel work. Whether it is foreign missions, special projects, or the [...]

John Leland’s Fourth of July Oration

John Leland, born in Grafton, Massachusetts, served for a while in Virginia and then back in Massachusetts. This was part of his 4th of July 1802 oration: . . . Disdain mean suspicion, but [...]

William Knibb on Slavery

William Knibb on Slavery The English were pushing the Americans on the subject of slavery because they had abolished slavery and finally granted full freedom by 1838. It was the English Baptists [...]

Seminary Project Approved!

At today’s General Assembly of the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America, the messengers voted overwhelmingly to establish a confessional Reformed Baptist Seminary in north [...]

A Colonial Baptist Plea for Relief from Taxation

A Colonial Baptist Plea for Relief from Taxation In 1775, the Baptists sent this resolution to the Massachusetts General Court. They were appealing for relief from the burdens of taxation to pay [...]