Sobering Words about Baptism

From Benjamin Keach’s Tropologia or Preaching from the Types and Metaphors of the Bible page 632: We would caution all that would approach to this sacred evangelical ordinance, unless they [...]

The Quiet Sin

In 1859, a book titled Sketches and Lessons From Daily Life was published under the pen name ‘Felix Friendly.’ It is an interesting little work, devotional in nature, and thought [...]

A High and Proper View of the Pastoral Ministry

We live in a day when the distinctions between pastors and people have largely broken down. Loud voices cry out, calling for a mobilization of every member of the church, as if all had the same [...]

True Godliness at the Door of Old Age

From Benjamin Keach’s allegory The Travels of True Godliness. This is a warning to all! Godliness being rejected both by Riches, Poverty, and Youth, resolved to see whether he might not be [...]

Nehemiah Coxe on the Importance of the Gospel Ministry and the Means of Grace

In 1681, Nehemiah Coxe preached a sermon at the ordination of officers in a London church. That sermon was published and later portions of it were used by Benjamin Keach, in his book Tropologia, [...]

The Trial of Benjamin Keach (Part 4)

We arrive at the climax and denouement of our story.  Judge Hyde accuses Keach of being a Fifth Monarchy Man, which interestingly, Keach does not deny. This does not mean, of course, that he [...]

The Trial of Benjamin Keach (Part 3)

Though Keach was offered the opportunity of waiting, he seems to have desired to move ahead without delay. We continue where we left off, picking up the thread from our last post: Judge. I have [...]

The Trial of Benjamin Keach (Part 2)

We continue with more of the account of Benjamin Keach’s trial. The Clarendon Code was in full force, and one senses the bitterness directed toward the current clergy of that church in [...]

The Trial of Benjamin Keach (Part 1)

Records from the English court system exist in a variety of places; many are accessible to us through massive published volumes. This happened during the reign of Charles II, after the Act of [...]

Church Planting in Early Baptist History (Part 2)

Church Planting in Early Baptist History (Part 2) Submitted by Prof. Renihan The London church under the ministry of Hanserd Knollys sent Thomas Tillam[1] to another one of the “dark [...]

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