Making Progress in a Day of Decline

Submitted by Prof. Renihan Overall, the state of our churches seems to be healthy. But I cannot say the same about the state of Evangelical Christianity in general. When I look there, I have deep [...]

Confessional Faithlessness

History is full of examples of confessional faithlessness. I have coined this phrase to refer to men who give verbal consent to a Confession, or who promise to teach in accordance with a [...]

Calling a General Assembly in 1689

The Letter Calling for the 1689 General Assembly (This material is taken from Joseph Ivimey’s History of the English Baptists, Vol. 1: Pg. 478-480). “The following is a copy of [the [...]

Benjamin Beddome’s Exposition of the Baptist Catechism

A couple of years ago, Mike Gaydosh and I worked together to reprint Benjamin Beddome’s A Scriptural Exposition of the Baptist Catechism. It is a very useful doctrinal and practical tool. [...]

On the Headings of Association Letters

This interesting piece was published in the 1832 issue of the Baptist Magazine, page 187 ff. It addresses the question of the importance of an open declaration of the essential beliefs we hold. [...]

Address to the Baptists

Address to the Baptists To the Editor of the Baptist Magazine. Published in 1809   Sir, As a real friend to the Baptist Denomination will you allow me to avail myself of the opportunity your [...]

Some Objections Considered (Part 3)

Questions about the Historical Record It is argued that the Independents did not have any structures equivalent to the Baptist associations, and that they were opposed to such structures.  In the [...]

Some Objections Considered (Part 2)

Some Objections Considered (Part 2) A Question of the Baptist use of the Savoy Platform In developing this argument based on the Baptists’ use of the Savoy Platform, it is easy to overlook [...]

Confessional Associationalism in Practice

The Practice of Associationalism as Implemented by our Forefathers There is still another important facet of our question which needs to be answered, and it is this: What did these associations do? 

The Confession on Associations

The Confession on Associations There may be some who read the words of our last post, and have no difficulty accepting what has been written, but who argue that this type of oneness is [...]

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