How Much Does Your Church Give?

How much does your church give? James M. Renihan The churches of our Association are very generous in their support for Gospel work. Whether it is foreign missions, special projects, or the [...]

Pastor, How do you spend your time?

Pastor, how do you spend your time? Is it devoted to the study of spiritual things?  Here are some words from a Master, comments made in an ordination sermon: And I do not know a warning that I [...]

Theology and the Theological Seminary

Theology and the Theological Seminary James M. Renihan In Jude’s brief epistle we find two thought provoking statements: “contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints” (verse 3); [...]

Remember the Vandals

Remember the Vandals From the February 1810 edition of the Baptist Magazine: At a meeting held at Wittenburg by the leading parties of the reformation with a view to promote the harmony of the [...]

Institution for Improving the Education of Pious Young Men, Called to the Christian Ministry

This very interesting piece is from the Fourth Annual report of the American Baptist Board of Foreign Missions (Triennial Convention) printed in The Latter Day Luminary, May 1818, Vol. I. No. 3 [...]

John Owen on Ministerial Training

From John Owen, Works, Volume 4:508ff, A Discourse of Spiritual Gifts (emphasis added) The first great duty of the ministry, with reference unto the church, is the dispensation of the doctrine of [...]

Encouragements to Pastors

About three decades ago, I was sitting in a classroom with approximately 15 or 20 other ministerial students. Our professor, usually a fairly upbeat teacher, was very sober and serious that day. [...]

We labor diligently for the conversion of souls

We labor diligently for the conversion of souls   Why do we need a Seminary? There are many reasons; this one from Dr. John Owen expresses one of our great desires. This wonderful section is [...]

Puritanism 101

Thirteen 30-minute lectures by Dr. James M. Renihan…

Baptist Ministerial Education

In 1662, circumstances were bleak in the English churches. Charles II had been restored to his father’s throne two years before, and was enacting legislation intended to force men who could not [...]