Caterpillars and Butterflies: A Review of New Covenant Theology

The following is a review written almost 10 years ago on a topic still relevant today. Caterpillars and Butterflies:A Review of New Covenant Theology By Tom Wells and Fred Zaspel(Frederick, MD: [...]

Obedience Flows out of Union with Christ

A brief quote from Dr. Michael Horton’s What’s Wrong and Right About the Imitation of Christ “Doing what Jesus did is different from bearing the fruit of Christ’s righteous life. In fact, [...]

A High and Proper View of the Pastoral Ministry

We live in a day when the distinctions between pastors and people have largely broken down. Loud voices cry out, calling for a mobilization of every member of the church, as if all had the same [...]

An Early Baptist on Love and the Law

If Christ would have his people love him at all times; If he give no allowance for men to be liars; If he will inhabit in his people, and they in him, at all times, if he will have men taught; If [...]

Benjamin Keach on Justification (Part 2)

‘Tis a hard Case that any of those who maintain the Old Doctrine of Justification, should be branded with the black Name of Antinomians. As for my part, if Dr. Crisp be not misrepresented [...]

Benjamin Keach on Justification (Part 1)

Benjamin Keach on Justification (Part 1) We say obedience supposeth a man justified; but these men say, that obedience concurs with faith to justify, or is part of our righteousness to [...]

Fred Malone on The Reformed Pastor: Word and Sacrament

He must Form his Life and Ministry According to Reformed Theology In the Reformation, the question of what constitutes a true church came to the forefront. In reaction to the medieval confusion [...]

Fred Malone on the Reformed Pastor: What do you Believe?

How can a pastor who wants to be biblical in his life and ministry pursue such a calling in the third millennium? He Must Hold to Reformed Theology for Himself. Paul told Timothy: “Pay [...]

Trembling Before the Cross

Trembling Before the Cross James M. Renihan Professor John Murray once wrote that the fear of God is the soul of godliness, and surely he was right. Though often neglected, it is one of the [...]

Communion with Christ (Part 1)

From John Owen’s Communion with God 2.146-152 Owen is asserting that the saints are to be chaste in their relations with Christ. He states: Now, there are three things wherein this chastity [...]

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