Christ’s Ascension Gifts

From Spurgeon’s Sermon on Eph. 4:7-12 preached in March 1871 (Thanks to Rob Cosby for these quotations) We have thought that Christ’s gifts were valuable enough for us to treasure up [...]

How Much Does Your Church Give?

How much does your church give? James M. Renihan The churches of our Association are very generous in their support for Gospel work. Whether it is foreign missions, special projects, or the [...]

A Different Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood

Many years ago, I visited the town of Barnard Castle in Northern England. Little did I know that it had once been the site of such a careful ministry. This is from The Nonconformist’s [...]

A High and Proper View of the Pastoral Ministry

We live in a day when the distinctions between pastors and people have largely broken down. Loud voices cry out, calling for a mobilization of every member of the church, as if all had the same [...]

Elisha, the Apostles, and Ministerial Training

For seven years Elisha was the friend of Elijah, and so he was under the best of preparatory influences for his work. In like manner, it is highly requisite that those who, in our day, are to be [...]

Pastor, How do you spend your time?

Pastor, how do you spend your time? Is it devoted to the study of spiritual things?  Here are some words from a Master, comments made in an ordination sermon: And I do not know a warning that I [...]

John Gill on the Minister’s Ministry

The apostle exhorts Timothy to take heed to himself. I apprehend, that [he] regards him in his ministerial capacity, as a preacher of the word; and is desirous, that he would take heed to [...]

The Gifts for Church Government: Pastors

The Gifts for Church Government: Pastors and Deacons by James M. Renihan Our risen and ascended Savior has chosen to give gifts to his church for her benefit. These gifts are his provision for [...]

Grow in Grace

“Grow in Grace” 2 Peter 3:18 by James M. Renihan How do Christians grow in Grace? Or perhaps more directly, how may pastors help their people grow in grace? This is a key question [...]

Harvest Workers

By James M. Renihan “And Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among [...]