The Headship of Christ in the Church

From John Cotton’s The Keys of the Kingdom 65-67 All legislative power (power of making of Laws) in the Church is in [Christ], and not from him derived to any other, Jam. 4. 12. La. 33. 22. [...]

Who chooses Pastors?

Who chooses pastors? Submitted by Prof. Renihan It seems strange to me that some churches have adopted a method of choosing pastors/elders which bypasses any direct involvement of the [...]

Fred Malone on The Reformed Pastor (Introduction)

This article was written by IRBS Senior Fellow Dr. Fred Malone and published in Founders Journal, Winter 2000, pp. 10-16. The original may be found here: [...]

The Gifts for Church Government: Deacons

Alongside of pastors, Christ gives to his church deacons. What is a deacon? The answer is quite simple, he is a servant. The term is used frequently in the New Testament, but most of the time it [...]