Christ’s Ascension Gifts

From Spurgeon’s Sermon on Eph. 4:7-12 preached in March 1871 (Thanks to Rob Cosby for these quotations) We have thought that Christ’s gifts were valuable enough for us to treasure up [...]

Frequently Asked Symbolics Questions: Elect Infants

In many modern editions of 2LCF, chapter 10:3 begins simply ‘infants dying in infancy . . . .’ Other texts read ‘elect infants dying in infancy . . . . ‘ Which text is [...]

Ecclesiastical Idol: Not so special music

Submitted by Prof. Renihan In my travels, I occasionally find myself present in a less-than-simple worship service.

Spurgeon on Infant Baptism

An Excerpt from C.H. Spurgeon, CHILDREN BROUGHT TO CHRIST, AND NOT TO THE FONT DELIVERED ON SUNDAY MORNING, JULY 24TH, 1864 The font is a mockery and an imposition if it be put before Christ.

Spurgeon on Preaching Christ

C.H. Spurgeon expressed his conviction of the centrality of preaching Christ in these words, taken from the first sermon he delivered at the opening of the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London, [...]