Why has God Chosen Preaching to Spread His Gospel?

This is a marvelous statement of the importance of preaching based on 1 Corinthians 1:18-28. It is from Thomas Goodwin’s Works, 11:362. But why of all things else hath he chosen his word to [...]

Where is Your Delight?

Where is your delight? Is it in your enjoyment, or in God alone? Thomas Goodwin on the Love of God: Works 8:400. Emphasis added. ‘You believing,’ saith [Peter], ‘love.’ [...]

Goodwin on Enjoying the Means of Grace

Thomas Goodwin on Enjoying the Means of Grace from Works 6:143 In a word, take all ordinances, dost thou use them as backdoors to let Christ thy private friend in, to the end to speak with him, [...]