English Baptist Pressure on American Baptists to end Slavery

English Baptist Pressure on American Baptists to end Slavery

This item is from the English Baptists, seeking to urge their American friends to take the lead in the young nation in bringing the system of slavery to an end. In 1833, the English Baptists sent a letter to their American counterparts. It is “From the Board of Baptist Ministers in and near London to the Pastors and Ministers of the Baptist Denomination throughout the United States.”¬†Among other things, it said:

You have, doubtless, heard of the circumstances which have recently transpired in connection with our Jamaica Mission. . . . We took a decided part in the anti-slavery struggle lately carried on in this country, and are very thankful that, by doing so, we greatly contributed to its successful termination. The principle we adopted was, the utter repugnance of the colonial system to the spirit and precepts of the Christian faith, and we demanded of our legislature its immediate and entire destruction. . . . We desire with all Christian love and respect, to solicit your attention to the principles we have adopted, and the line of conduct we have been pursuing. We indulge the hope that you will seriously inquire whether, as disciples of Jesus Christ, it is not your imperative duty, without delay, to raise your voice against the cruel and degrading bondage in which our African brethren and their descendants are held in various parts of your land.

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