Dr. Fred Malone

Professor of Pastoral Theology

After serving 11 years (1981-1992) as founding pastor of Heritage Baptist Church, Ft. Worth (now Mansfield), TX, Dr. Malone has served First Baptist Church in Clinton, LA, for 24 years (1993-present).  He has also served as a pastor in churches in North Carolina, Florida, and Alabama. He is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Ph.D.), Reformed Theological Seminary (M.Div.), and Auburn University (B.S.). His academic work has focused on the New Covenant in his Ph.D. dissertation and on the doctrines of baptism, preaching, covenant theology, and pastoral theology in other writings. He has been published in several journals, and is the author of several books and chapters in books, including The Baptism of Disciples Alone, A String of Pearls Unstrung, Dear Timothy, Covenant Theology: A Baptist Distinctive, etc. He has served as a Trustee for Founders Ministries, IRBS, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Malone recently celebrated his Golden Anniversary with his beloved high school sweetheart, Debbie, and is thankful for 3 children who profess Christ and 6 precious grandchildren.

  • B.S., Auburn University
  • M.Div., Reformed Theological Seminary
  • Ph.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Books (author)

  • The Baptism of Disciples Alone
  • A String of Pearls Unstrung
  • Dear Timothy
  • Covenant Theology: A Baptist Distinctive
Professor of Pastoral Theology