Terry Clarke

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Dr. Terry Clarke served as a professor of Old Testament on the mission field (Australia) for eleven years before moving to Texas. Prior to that he pastored a small church in Bridgewater, South Dakota. He is a graduate of Knox Theological Seminary, where he received an MDiv. His doctoral work was done at Spurgeon’s College (London) and conferred by the University of Wales. His doctoral thesis focused upon the theological coherence of the book of Joshua. Terry is married to Francine, a Georgia girl, who is happy to come to Texas, which is where Terry was born and raised. When Terry is not preparing lectures, he is out under the stars with his telescope admiring God’s creation. And on cloudy nights he is probably reading either a mystery novel or something about astronomy.

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  • M.Div., Knox Theological Seminary
  • Ph.D., University of Wales

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Under Construction

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