‘Tis a hard Case that any of those who maintain the Old Doctrine of Justification, should be branded with the black Name of Antinomians. As for my part, if Dr. Crisp be not misrepresented by his Opposers, I am not of his Opinion in several respects; but I had rather erre on their side, who strive to exalt wholly the Free Grace of God, than on theirs, who seek to darken it and magnifie the Power of the Creature, . . . the Doctrine we preach does not open a Door to the least Licentiousness (as ‘tis unjustly said to do by some, who are either wilfully or ignorantly blind.) No, God forbid. Nothing can promote Holiness, and Gospel-sanctification like unto it, only it teaches us to act from high, sublime, and right Evangelical Principles: It shews the only way to attain to Gospel-Purity, flows from our Union with Christ; and that no Man can arrive to any degree of true holiness, or expect to meet with any Success therein, without a Principle of Spiritual Life, or saving Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. The nature of Men must first be changed, and that Enmity that is in their Hearts against God, be removed, before they can be holy: The Tree must first be made good, or the Fruits will be evil. The Image of God must be formed in our Souls, which puts the Creature into an actual bent and propensity of his Heart to the Practice of Holiness. If a Man hates not sin, be not out of Love with Sin, how should he be in love with God and Holiness? Now because we say Sanctification is not necessary, as antecedent to Justification, but is the Fruit or Product of Union with Christ; though we deny not but the Habits of Holiness are infused at that same Instant that Faith is wrought in the Soul, Must we be look’d upon as Promoters of a Licentious Doctrine? Must we make our own Performances, or Obedience, a Condition of Justification, or be laid under Infamy and Reproach? ‘Tis by Faith only, that we come to have actual Enjoyment and Possession of Christ himself, and of Remission of Sin; and not only so, but of eternal Life; and so of Holiness also, and no other ways. The good Lord help you to a right Understanding of these things, and make you all a holy people, to the Praise of his Glory, and Honour of your Sacred Profession. —The Marrow of True Justification sigla A2