Pastor, How do you spend your time?
Pastor, how do you spend your time? Is it devoted to the study of spiritual things?  Here...
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Hanserd Knollys on Plain Preaching
The Ministers of Christ must declare the Testimony of God not with excellency of speech,...
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The Importance of Truthfulness in Preaching
We all agree that the first and most important task of every preacher is the...
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The New Covenant and the Spread of the Gospel
From Owen, Vol 10 Continued: 2. A second thing to be considered is, the economy...
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Definite Atonement and the Spread of the Gospel
One of the most frequent objections to the doctrine of definite atonement as made by...
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Why has God Chosen Preaching to Spread His Gospel?
This is a marvelous statement of the importance of preaching based on 1 Corinthians 1:18-28....
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