Year One of Your MDiv: All Training. No Tuition.

Are you called to serve Jesus Christ in pastoral ministry? Looking to find rigorous, scholarly, practical training, but want to avoid piling up debt that you will have to repay during your ministry?

With a deep commitment to premier scholarship, confessional reformed theology, and pastoral training, IRBS Theological Seminary prepares men who are ready to proclaim and defend the eternal truth of God in our ever-changing world. We offer qualified faculty from across the globe teaching courses that will help you communicate the treasures of God’s word. Faculty such as:

  • Dr. James Renihan

  • Dr. Richard Barcellos

  • Dr. James Dolezal

  • Dr. Jason Montgomery

  • And many more who have been in the trenches of pastoral ministry and can bring that knowledge directly into the classroom.

This kind of serious training can often cost $20,000 per year…or more.

But, because IRBS Theological Seminary is first of all committed to the local church, we have always been devoted to providing the best pastoral training possible at a price that will not impede future ministry.

To help you get this kind of training while avoiding significant debt, 10-year payment plans, and accumulating interest, IRBS Theological Seminary is offering the first year of your MDiv degree or Diploma FREE to qualifying students.

This offer covers 100% of your first-year tuition. You will not pay a single penny for tuition (tuition does not include books, fees, etc.). You will be able to focus completely on your coursework, family, and church, without watching your student loan debt slowly building up.

This is one full year of master’s level courses free to you – up to 15 classes including Greek I through IV, Hebrew I through III, Philosophical Theology, Hermeneutics, and more.

And with our numerous scholarships and grants for your second, third, and fourth years, earning your MDiv or Diploma without incurring student debt is completely within your reach.

To qualify for this offer, you simply need to:

  • Apply and be admitted to the Seminary
  • Agree in writing to complete the MDiv or Diploma program with IRBS Theological Seminary in four years or less
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 Scale

This offer is valid through September 1, 2020. You will pay no tuition (does not include fees, books, etc.)

To learn more about this limited time offer, call Matt Stahl, IRBS Theological Seminary Director of Administration, at (682) 400-4926.