Frequently Asked Symbolics Questions: Elect Infants

In many modern editions of 2LCF, chapter 10:3 begins simply ‘infants dying in infancy . . . .’ Other texts read ‘elect infants dying in infancy . . . . ‘ Which text is correct according to the original printings? This question is simple to answer.

In consulting all of the 17th century editions (1677, 1688, 1699), the word ‘elect’ appears in all of the original editions, and thus the text properly reads ‘elect infants dying in infancy . . . ‘

When did it change? While I have not investigated this in detail, my best guess is that Charles Spurgeon dropped the word ‘elect’ from his published edition in the 19th century. CHS believed that all infants dying in infancy are ‘regenerated and saved by Christ through the Spirit.’ But one could believe this, even with the word ‘elect’ in the Confession’s statement!