From Benjamin Beddome’s Sermon On the Love of God, John 16:27.

It appears our love to [Christ] should be attended with reverence, for his wrath is as dreadful as favor is desireable. It should be practical; and, indeed, true love is an active and vigorous principle. It puts the whole soul in motion, and will suffer no power or grace to be unemployed. It drives like a strong wind, carries away like a mighty torrent. It constrains forcibly, impels irresistably, silences objections, sumounts difficulties, and never says, this affliction is too heavy, this danger too threatening, or this duty too hard; but subscribes to that saying of the apostle, “His commands are not grievous;” and to that of Christ himself, “My yoke is easy, and my burden light.” Love is an obedient principle; under the influence of it we shall do Christ’s will, suffer his will, deny ourselves for his sake, and make it our earnest and unceasing desire, that he might be magnified in us both in life and in death.