Hanserd Knollys on Plain Preaching

The Ministers of Christ must declare the Testimony of God not with excellency of speech, not with enticing words of Man’s Wisdom. Their speech and their preaching must be in the Demonstration of the spirit and in power, 1 Cor. 2:1,2,4,5, before the Gospel can come to their hearers’ hearts in power and in the holy Spirit, and before their hearers can come to Christ, and before they can attain to the power of Godliness. The plain and powerful preaching of the Gospel is the ordinary means whereby God draws sinners with Cords of Love to Christ, and makes the Ministry of the word powerful and effectual to call, convert, sanctify and save sinners, Rom. 1:16,17; Rom. 10:14,17.—Hanserd Knollys, 1674