Introduction to Apologetics (Part II) Video Lectures




This course will introduce the student to scriptural call and basis for apologetics, as well as the major apologetic themes relating to evangelizing and responding to the “New Atheism,” Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, and Islam. This is the second half of the course.

Part 2 Lecture Titles:

19. Encounter with a Mormon Elder
20. Overview of Mormonism
21. The “Eternal Law of Progression” I
22. The “Eternal Law of Progression” II
23. The “Eternal Law of Progression” III, Sharing with Mormons, and Mormon Texts I
24. Mormon Texts II

25. Islam, and the Five Pillars of Islam I
26. The Five Pillars of Islam II
27. Popular Islam
28. Major Differences between Christianity and Islam I
29. Major Differences between Christianity and Islam II
30. Qur’anic Arguments I
31. Qur’anic Arguments II; Islam and the Cross I
32. Islam and the Cross II
33. Why Islam is what it is I
34. Why Islam is what it is II

Lecture videos are in standard definition.
Total Download Size: 4.1GB

Originally filmed at the Midwest Center for Theological Studies, now Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary
All proceeds benefit IRBS Theological Seminary