The earliest English Baptist churches held a high view of the Regulative Principle of Worship. Before anything could be introduced into worship and thus imposed on God’s people, it was necessary to demonstrate that the Lord himself had authorized that act. Since Scripture only mentions a few ‘elements’ of worship, their corporate services were very simple. Here are two examples:

Paul’s Alley Barbican (London)

Order of Worship

9:30 AM:
1. A Brother reads a Psalm
2. & then to spend some time in Prayer;
3. & after that to read some other Portion of H. Scripture,
till the Minister comes into the Pulpit;
4. and after Preaching &
5. Prayer to
6. conclude with singing a Psalm.
The afternoon exercise to begin abt half an hour after One, & to be carried on & concluded as in the forenoon.

H. Knollys’ Elements of Worship

Scripture reading with exposition
and interpretation,
The Lord’s table,