In a sermon titled “The Last Judgment” a well-known preacher begins with these words:

“IT is the case that the pulpit appears sometimes in our days degraded almost to the level of an actor’s stage, and the sermon to an object of mere sentimental amusement. The congregations require flowery expressions and pleasing gestures. But woe to the preachers who, forgetful of their calling, pander to such a desire, and sacrifice to it holy and necessary truth. Our life on earth is as significant as it is short; eternity as real as earnest; the Lord as righteous as holy; the way to heaven as narrow as unknown; the time in which we live as blinded as puffed up; and the great mass of the people as much lulled asleep, as threatened, if not already eaten up with destructive errors. It is, therefore, well not to trifle, but to sound, like a trumpet, and stir up the sleeping thunders of God’s Word: “Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light!” ” Work out your own salvation with fear and: trembling!”

Can you guess who he was, or approximately when he said these things?

It was F.W. Krummacher, in the middle of 19th Century Germany! Sounds contemporary doesn’t it?