A Confessional Reformed Baptist Seminary

A word from the President:

IRBS Theological Seminary

A Reformed Baptist Seminary:
Confessional. Residential. Independent.

IRBS Theological Seminary will thoroughly prepare you for Gospel Ministry. To ensure this, our degree programs are robust and conducted by expert pastor-scholars.

We are a confessional Reformed Baptist seminary granting Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Religion degrees. We also offer non-degree certificates and diplomas.

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Academic Preparation

A firm foundation of truth and wisdom is vital for Gospel Ministry. A Masters degree from IRBS Theological Seminary therefore ensures thorough preparation for work in Christ’s churches.

Practical Preparation

Theology must be put to practice in the church. For this reason IRBSTS stresses internship with local churches to provide guided growth and experience in pastoral duties.

Quality Faculty

Instruction from eminently qualified men lays the groundwork for a faithful ministry. To this end, our students sit under some of the best theological minds and pastoral hearts in the Reformed Baptist world.

IRBS Theological Seminary Curriculum Course Subjects

IRBS Theological Seminary is an independent and confessional Reformed Baptist Seminary


The seminary’s Trustees approved amended by-laws on October 1, 2019. As a result, the seminary became officially independent.


We subscribe to the three historic Particular Baptist Confessions, the first London Confession of 1644/46/51, the second London Confession of 1677/89 and the Baptist Catechism of 1693 as faithful summaries of the Word of God. All instruction conforms to these standards.

Reformed Baptist...

Our identity is solidly Reformed. We fully subscribe to the historic seventeenth century Particular Baptist confessions and therefore affirm Protestant, Reformed, and Covenantal doctrine. Accordingly, we hold that professing believers are the only proper subjects of Baptism.


Our mission is to train men for gospel ministry. Thus the classroom and local churches are vital. Because of this, our students study in person with superb professors, and intern in local churches for real ministry experience.

The seminary is located in Mansfield, Texas; a suburb of Forth Worth. This central location means the seminary is accessible to the whole country. Furthermore, Mansfield has been recognized as one of the most livable cities in the nation by Money Magazine and Area Vibes.

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Enrich your understanding of the Scriptures, Theology, and Church History

IRBS Theological Seminary James Renihan True Confessions PDF Product Preview

True Confessions PDF

A comparison of 17th century Calvinistic Baptist credal documents with their parent documents.

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Creeds and Confessions in Church History Video Lectures

Why is it important for churches to use creeds and confessions? Get the answer in this course by Dr. James Renihan.

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How to Read the Scriptures Video Lectures

Dr. Richard Barcellos introduces the topic of biblical interpretation, covering basic principles, their sources, and more.

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Theology in Particular Podcast

Theology In Particular is a podcast about theology and the church from a confessional Reformed Baptist perspective. We therefore discuss a variety of theological topics, biblical texts, and even do a few books reviews along the way.

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