Our recommended form of education. Students are guaranteed live interaction with faculty and students, access to the IRBS library, and the ability for the whole family to develop life-long relationships.


Nearly all IRBS classes are available online. The online program is best for world-wide, distance learning. Students have no need to leave their jobs or uproot their families and they can remain active in their local churches.

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Our Approach

In order for the faith to continue, it is necessary that men be equipped to teach the next generation. The first 60 years of the modern Reformed Baptist movement have provided a solid foundation. We must ensure that the next 60 years move the story forward. There are wonderful opportunities before us.

This seminary is built upon a wealth of knowledge and experience. Over 18 years in other confessional seminary environments, in addition to the traditional academic pursuits, we have witnessed many aspects of administration, been engaged in conversations about curriculum structure & accreditation, and observed various fund-raising methods. We have an extensive set of experienced contacts who enthusiastically support our stand-alone seminary.

We have secured all necessary affiliations for practices in administration, being governed by a Board of Trustees, a President, and other administrators. We employ a faculty consisting of academically qualified men who also have significant pastoral experience (all of whom subscribe to the confessional standard of the Seminary). This combination of scholar-pastors will have a powerful impact on students, and ensure a balanced Biblical training model. The need for a confessional Reformed Baptist seminary is demonstrated by several factors based on foundational scriptural truths: the church must be actively involved in the spread of the Gospel (Matt. 28:18-20); the ascended Christ gives ministerial gifts to His churches (Eph. 4:11) for growth and edification; the Word of God commands Christian ministers to active involvement in the training of their successors (2 Tim. 2:2).

Degree Programs

Master of Divinity

A well-rounded, classical degree that provides the best possible preparation for men entering the ministry.

MA in Religion

A practical degree that gives an understanding of Baptist Confessionalism, Church History,  and Theology.

Certificate of Reformed Baptist Studies

The Certificate is a 14-15 hour program designed to supplement previous ministerial studies.

Bachelor of Divinity

This program is intended to provide students an opportunity to study at IRBS who have not yet earned an accredited Bachelor’s degree. 

Special Student

Designed for students who do not intend to pursue a degree but would like to take courses for credit. Students may take up to 20 Hours.

Internship Program

Theology must be put to practice in the church. For this reason, IRBS stresses internship with local churches to provide guided growth and experience in pastoral duties.

IRBS has adopted a structured internship program. This will provide detailed guidance to student interns and the elders who oversee their internships. All Master of Divinity and BDiv students will complete supervised ministry activities in 9 categories in order to prepare them for gospel ministry:

Meet Our Faculty

It is a priority that all instructors are outstanding scholars and have robust experience as local church pastors. This guarantees a tightly-knit bond between what is taught and what is practiced.

James Renihan, PhD

President, Professor of Historical Theology

Richard Barcellos, PhD

Associate Professor of Exegetical Theology & Director of Publications

Charles Rennie, Drs

Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology & Academic Dean 

J. Ryan Davidson, PhD

Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology & Dean of Students

James Dolezal, PhD

Visiting Professor of Theology

Ian Fuller, PhD

Visiting Professor of Apologetics

Chad Vegas, MA

Lecturer in Missions & Evangelism

Jason Montgomery, PhD

Adjunct Professor of Historical Theology

Ken Puls, PhD

Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Theology

Michael Prodigalidad, PhD

Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Theology

Samuel Renihan, PhD

Adjunct Professor of Theology

Joshua Henson, PhD

Adjunct Professor of Biblical Languages

Stefan Lindblad, Drs.

Adjunct Professor of Systematic Theology

Jeffrey Riddle, PhD

Adjunct Professor of New Testament

Timothy Decker, PhD

Adjunct Professor of New Testament

Tom Hicks, PhD

Adjunct Professor of Systematic Theology

Joshua Wilson, PhD

Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies

Daniel Scheiderer, PhD

Adjunct Professor of Systematic Theology

Our Trustees

Fred Pugh

Pastor Emeritus,
Grace Covenant Church
Olmsted Township, Ohio

Board Chairman

Dr. Stephen Means

Huntsville, Texas


G. Frank Strickland

CFO, Top Grade Floors Brunswick, Maine


Jason Walter

Christ Reformed Baptist Church
Vista, California


Ben Scofield

West Sussex Baptist Church
West Sussex, Virginia

Nathan White

Christ Reformed Baptist Church
Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

Michael Prodigalidad

Stanmore Baptist Church
Sydney, Australia

Oliver Allmand-Smith

Trinity Grace Church Ramsbottom, Bury, UK

Robert Cosby

Tucson Reformed Baptist Church
Tucson, Arizona

Pascal Denault

Pastor, Reformed Baptist Church of Saint-Jérôme, Saint-Jérôme, Quebec, Canada

A Welcome from President Renihan

Dear Christian friends,

Welcome to the website for International Reformed Baptist Seminary. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and learning about what the Lord is doing among us. An internet site cannot convey the warmth we wish to express, so we ask you to receive our words which express a genuine desire for the Lord’s blessing on your life.

IRBS is soon to celebrate its 25th anniversary. For twenty years we existed as an institute affiliated with Westminster Seminary California, and in 2018 developed our programs into a full seminary curriculum in our new location, Mansfield, Texas. We are committed to the infallible and inerrant Word of God, and joyfully subscribe to the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith, often called the 1689 London Baptist Confession. By God’s grace, our pledges to these documents are strong and firm and will remain so.

The Lord has allowed us to bring together an excellent faculty of pastor-scholars who together seek to honor Christ in their teaching ministries. These are experienced men who shepherd God’s flocks with loving concern. We are united in our devotion to Christ, His Word, our Confession and the task of preparing able ministers of the New Covenant (2 Corinthians 3.6). Each faculty member is available to assist students in their coursework as well as their ministry and personal questions.

Students may enroll in a variety of programs at IRBS, including the standard degree for ministerial preparation, the Master of Divinity, a two-year Master of Arts in Religion, the Certificate of Reformed Baptist Studies, a Diploma program for mature students who do not have a baccalaureate degree, as well as special opportunities for visiting students. Our flexible hybrid programs offer students the opportunity to study on campus as well as virtually in their own homes. Most classes are offered live in the classroom as well as via livestream. We hope that even our distance students will be able to enter into the live classroom experience.

We hope that you will find your visit here to be not only informative, but also the first step in getting to know us better.

May Christ be glorified!

In His name,
James M. Renihan, Ph.D.,