Diploma Program (No Credit)

Diploma Information

Total Hours: 110

The Diploma Program is a 110-hour non-degree program designed to be completed in a minimum of 3 years. The courses can be completed residentially, online, or a hybrid of the two, with at least 30 hours of live (in person or online) teaching. Exegetical, Systematic, Historical, Practical and Language courses are emphasized. This non-degree program is intended to give mature students an opportunity to study at IRBS who have not yet earned an accredited Bachelor’s degree. Students who are accepted into this program will pay the standard tuition rate and fees and participate in class as any other student would, with regard to assignments and examinations. This program is not a degree granting program, but a diploma will be conferred to the student upon completion of the program. Credits will not be transferred to other institutions.


Language Studies


Exegetical theology


Systematic theology


Pastoral theology


Church History





The Diploma Program is a 110-hour program designed to be completed in residence or via a hybrid academic model, with at least 30 hours of live (in-person or online) teaching, in a minimum of three years.

Exegetical, Systematic, Historical, Practical and Language courses are emphasized to provide the best preparation for men entering the ministry.

  • 110 Hours of coursework
  • Completion of 200 hours of supervised internship per academic year in a local church
  • Payment of all fees and tuition required in the program
  • Since IRBS believes in male leadership in the church, the Diploma program will be limited to admitting men only.
  • Placement exams are available for those who have taken Hebrew and/or Greek at another educational institution. Placement exams are intended to determine a student’s language skill and establish the appropriate course level for their demonstrated ability. The student’s grade on the exam will be used to decide his level of entry into the language program(s). Please speak to your admissions counselor for more details about taking one of these exams. A failing grade requires entry into Greek I or Hebrew I.
  • Exegetical, Systematic, and Practical Theology 600 and 700 level courses require demonstrated competency in Greek and Hebrew.
  • Systematic Theology courses should be completed in sequence, as much as class availability makes possible.
  • Students may request taking an Exegetical, Practical, or Systematic Theology 700 level course out of sequence. This request must be submitted in writing to the Academic Dean.

* Course Schedule is a general outline based on course availably.