How to Read the Scriptures (Part II) Video Lectures




This study will cover the issue of biblical hermeneutics–interpreting the Scriptures. This is the second half of the course. Students will be introduced to the basic principles of Bible interpretation, the history of interpretation, sources of hermeneutical principles, canonical structure and hermeneutics, biblical theology and hermeneutics, and a practical example of the whole. This course was originally offered on the Nehemiah Coxe Study Center, so some mention is made in the lectures of a final exam and required reading. While those purchasing this resource are not required to do any work, of course, the required reading is helpfully noted for further study, and the mentionings of final exam material in the lectures are helpfully noted as significant principles.

Part 2 Lecture Titles:
History of Hermeneutics: Christian Hermeneutics
17. Reformed Hermeneutics after the Reformation I
18. Reformed Hermeneutics after the Reformation II
19. The Enlightenment and 19th Century Germany
20. Old Princeton

21. Sources of Hermeneutical Principles I
22. Sources of Hermeneutical Principles II
23. Canonical and Hermeneutics I
24. Canonical and Hermeneutics II

Biblical Theology and Hermeneutics

25. Definitions of Biblical Theology
26. Hermeneutics and Biblical Theology I
27. Hermeneutics and Biblical Theology II
28. The Bible’s Interpretation of the Bible I
29. The Bible’s Interpretation of the Bible II
30. Excursus: John 5:45-47 I
31. Excursus: John 5:45-47 II
32. Example of the Whole I
33. Example of the Whole II

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