Introduction to Apologetics (Part I) Video Lectures



This course will introduce the student to scriptural call and basis for apologetics, as well as the major apologetic themes relating to evangelizing and responding to the “New Atheism,” Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, and Islam. This is the first half of the course.

Part 1 Lecture Titles:

1. The Need for Apologetics I
2. The Need and Basis for Apologetics I
3. The Basis of Apologetics II
4. The Basis of Apologetics III; Intro to the New Atheism

The New Atheism
5. The Need for the Presuppositional Answer I
6. The Need for the Presuppositional Answer II
7. Presuppositional Apologetics and New Atheism I
8. Presuppositional Apologetics and New Atheism II
9. The Response to New Atheists I
10. The Response to New Atheists II

Roman Catholicism
11. Roman Catholicism I
12. Roman Catholicism II
13. The Real Issues with Rome
14. Rome and Authority
15. Scripture and Papacy I
16. Papacy II, and Rome’s Teaching on Salvation I
17. Rome’s Teaching on Salvation II
18. Rome’s Teaching on Salvation III

Lecture videos are in standard definition.
Total Download Size: 4.3GB

Originally filmed at the Midwest Center for Theological Studies, now Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary
All proceeds benefit IRBS Theological Seminary

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