Puritanism 101 Video Lectures



An introduction to Puritanism in the contexts of the ecclesiastical and civil struggles of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and the place of the movement in the church’s theological development.

Lecture titles:
1. What is a Puritan?
2. How the Reformation came to England I
3. How the Reformation came to England II
4. Elizabeth’s Middle Way
5. Cambridge Puritanism and Hasty Puritans
6. King James I
7. Archbishop William Laud, Westminster Assembly, and the Interregnum I
8. The Interregnum II
9. Life in the Puritan Age
10. The Women of Puritanism
11. The Doctrines of Puritanism
12. The Emergence of the Baptists
13. The Legacy of Puritanism

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Steven Gonzales says:  “I had the privilege to sit through these lectures live. These are perfect for an adult, college or high school Sunday school or even a Bible study. Very helpful lectures. The price is a steal and contributes to an amazing seminary coming soon.”

Vishal Reddy says: “This was like one of my favorite courses of all time!“