Understanding the Law of God (Part I) Lecture Videos




This is the first half of the course. This study will cover some of the views of various Reformed theologians on the functions of the Law of God, concentrating on the Decalogue, as well as the confessional position. Once the historical-theological issues are covered, the lectures will then focus on a biblical-theological overview of the subject at hand. Special attention will be given to the functions of the Decalogue and its utility for believers in Christ. This course was originally offered on the Nehemiah Coxe Study Center, so some mention is made in the lectures of a final exam and required reading. While those purchasing this resource are not required to do any work, of course, the required reading is helpfully noted for further study, and the mentionings of final exam material in the lectures are helpfully noted as significant principles.

Part 1 Lecture Titles:

1. Introduction

Historical-Theological Issues
2. Definitions
3. Reformed Theologians: The Law Remaining in Force, Part I
4. Reformed Theologians: The Law Remaining in Force, Part II
5. Reformed Theologians: Use of the Law
6. Reformed Theologians: The Repeal of Law
7. Second London Baptist Confession on the Law

The Law in Biblical Perspective
8. Exposition and Interpretation
9. Ways the Bible Interprets Itself I
10. Ways the Bible Interprets Itself II
11. Ways the Bible Interprets Itself III
12. The Law before Sinai
13. Adam as God’s Image
14. Adam and the Law I
15. Adam and the Law II
16. Adam and the Law III

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