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  • In episode 39 of Theology In Particular, Dr. Joshua Henson and I talk about the polemical dimension of the Old Testament. “Polemic” means a strong verbal or written attack. Dr. Henson helps us to see how the Old Testament scriptures simultaneously record true history while strongly denouncing the false gods of the nations.   Check out this episode!

  • In episode 38 of Theology In Particular, Pastor Tom Hicks helps us to understand and evaluate a view of the Old Covenant law known as Theonomy. This view has grown in popularity in some circles and, in our opinion, has led to some confusion. We hope this episode helps to bring some clarity to this important topic.  Check out this episode!

  • In episode 37, Drs. James and Sam Renihan talk about their time in and around London. They share some of the insights gained concerning our Baptist heritage while visiting historical sites and spending time in the archives. This was an interesting and encouraging conversation. We hope it is a blessing to you, the listener.  Check out this episode!

  • In this episode, Dr. James Renihan makes an announcement regarding a new name for the seminary. Also, we talk about the history of IRBS going all the way back to the late 90’s. This was a very encouraging conversation. I hope you enjoy it!  Check out this episode!

  • Drs. James and Sam Renihan join me to discuss the covenant which preceded all others, namely,  the Covenant of Redemption. Sam has produced a lot of good material on the subject of Covenant Theology. As usual, he speaks with precision and clarity on this important doctrine. Check out this episode!

  • In this episode, Dr. James Renihan answers the question, what is a Reformed Baptist? from a historical, theological, and practical viewpoint. I have found that church members sometimes have a difficult time answering this question, not because they are ignorant of who we are, but because it is hard to know where to start or what to emphasize. We hope this helps! Check out this episode!

  • An interview with Dr. Josh Wilson, Pastor of First Baptist Church, Park Hills, Missouri, and Adjunct Professor of Old Testament at IRBSTS. Genesis 1:1 Article for the IRBS Journal   Check out this episode!

  • In this interview, Dr. James Renihan stresses the importance of holiness in the life of ministers. We should remember how Paul exhorted Timothy, saying, “Keep a close watch on yourself and on the teaching. Persist in this, for by so doing you will save both yourself and your hearers” (1 Timothy 4:16, ESV). Needless to say, it is encouraging to hear a seminary president stress the importance, not only of sound doctrine in the mind, but holiness in the whole of life. Check out this episode!

  • How does a man know if he is called to the ministry? And once he knows, what should he do to prepare? What role does the local church play in this process? How can a seminary help? These are the kinds of questions we address in this interview with Dr. James Renihan, President of IRBS Theological Seminary.  https://irbsseminary.org/ Check out this episode!

  • In this interview with Dr. James Renihan, we consider a view of baptist history known as “successionism”. Those who hold to this view believe that, in one way or another, baptists can trace their heritage all the way back to the days of Christ and his Apostles. Check out this episode!

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